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Elaine Kwan graduated in Financial Accounting and acquired experience in account, audit and taxation skills as an accounts clerk in Teobros property development company, an audit and tax personnel at Tan Hoon Siong audit and tax firm, as well as being an international market credit controller at White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd.She holds an eighth grade in piano music lessons, and has been to many performances since 10 years old. But, later she found her great passion towards colours, makeup and styling. That’s where she started to further studies and practice from Makeupforever Academy, Paris Professional in Singapore.

Elaine Kwan, was a certified professional makeup artist, hairstylist by trainer Liza Haron, and a certified professional artificial tattoo artist by June, from MakeupForever School. She also took up advanced professional Styling courses from Find Happiness Modeling Association, Taiwan. She is also a professional photographer, trained by Mr Heng Chin Chuan, an award winning professional photographer from the Royal

Being a makeover and styling expert since 2007, her client varies from children, weddings and events for both males and females, models of fashion show and professionals of corporate organizations. She is a tutor for makeup and bridal class. She has had numerous workshops for ladies and corporate professionals. Her own transformation has prompted her to embark on the journey to help others discover their own talent, passion, uniqueness and capabilities.

To understand her own profession more, she invested herself in becoming a professional image consultant and children etiquette trainer in year 2014. She was personally coached and mentored by Eunice Tan, founder of Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, Singapore. Elaine Kwan is a Malaysia national Level 3, VTO. She is fluent in Chinese, English, Malay and slightly in Vietnamese language. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, she covers many states in Malaysia. Countries covered are Singapore and Vietnam. She has stayed in Vietnam for 3 years.

Eunice Tan is an internationally-recognised expert in personal grooming and business etiquette, having worked with many high profile clients in the fields of business, education, media and government.
Before founding Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, Etiquette Plus™ Academy and M & O SkinCo, Eunice accrued nine years of extensive experience with Singapore Airlines. Prior to becoming a flight attendant, she gained specialist-level proficiency in communication skills, personal grooming, fine etiquette, and social graces.

Eunice successfully completed her image training in 2006 and is a certified professional make-up artist. She is personally coached and mentored by Lew Bayer of Civility Experts Worldwide in delivering children and adult civility and etiquette. In 2009, Eunice became one of only eight Master Certified Civility Trainers in the world and is the only authorized representative In Singapore to deliver Civility Experts Worldwide prestigious international Train-the-Trainer programs for both the Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach® , and the Civility @ Work Certification programs. She has trained many successful people in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong in building their children and adult etiquette businesses. Eunice’s expertise and commitment to personal grooming, relationship building and business etiquette underpins her Certified Image and Etiquette Professional training course.

In 2014, based on her achievements as a mentor and Master Trainer, she was elected to the Certification Board for International Civility Trainers’ Consortium. In 2015, Eunice was awarded as LiveWell Award Winner 2015/2016. The LiveWell awards is more than just a seal of approval. It determines the winning brands that LiveWell wholeheartedly endorses and appreciates. In 2016, Eunice was interviewed and featured as a Woman of Note and is the proud winner of Civility Experts International Affiliate 2016/2017.

In July of 2016, Eunice received personal training in the science of behavourial training from Donna Barratt, a Master’s Level Behavioral and Learning Specialist from the United States.  She earned status as a Certified Behavioral Coach/trainer for Children ages 4-20 and as a Certified Behavioral Coach/trainer for Parents of Children ages 4-20. She continues to develop her skills under Barratt’s Personal Mentorship Program for Coaches/trainers in Behavioral Training.

Eunice is also often quoted on the skills of social interaction, interviewing, grooming and dining in various publications, such as:

  • Agence France-Presse
  • Shin Min Daily News
  • U weekly
  • Women’s Integration Network Council
  • Lian He Zhao Bao
  • Duet Magazine
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  • My Paper
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  • L’Officiel Singapore
  • Mother and Baby The Sun Paper
  • Little Magazine
  • LiveWell Baby
  • LiveWell Woman


To improving communication techniques, enhancing social skills, and developing leadership qualities necessary to succeed confidently and professionally.
To deliver courses, workshops, events and seminars of various clients needs in the upmost highest quality.

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